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At Himalayan Group Of Professional Institutions, we believe that all students should embrace their passion. We inspire the students to explore new ideas and immerse themselves in a journey of continuous learning and discovery.

Himalayan has designed its curriculum In such a way that you will find yourself amidst plethora of opportunities; from flexible choice based credit system (FCBCS) to project based experiential learning you will be encouraged to explore areas of intellectual challenges that will shape your future. The hands-on learning that our students are continuously exposed to is designed to groom future leaders, innovators and professionals who are not only academically qualified but also have a passion for their profession.

Course curriculum is designed based on real-time inputs from industry experts, national and international academic leaders and to match the standards defined by national (NAAC & NBA) and international (ABET) accreditation bodies.

Industry Oriented Curriculum Comparable

World top University

Flexible Choice Based

Credit System(FCBCS)

Project Based

Experiential Learning

More Than 70 Open Electives

To Pursue Inner Delight

Advanced Technologies & Integration

For Premium Placements


Students with fast learning capacity can do the degree with additional minor or have the choice to complete their degree with honors. Slow learners have a choice of taking lesser credits than permissible limit and can complete the degree in extended duration or use Summer Semesters.

  • Students can choose from various electives in his/her own discipline
  • FCBCS offers choice to study courses in interdisciplinary areas in related fields
  • Additional benefit of open electives wherein students can study in any add-on subject to pursue their passion in areas other than their major valued.
  • The credit based scheme offers provision of credit transfer at international level through semester abroad programs.

Our comprehensively designed flexible academic model facilitates every individual’s learning process. Himalayan offers a bouquet of opportunities to its students through following customised academic options:

  • MAJOR:Your major is the main field of study, where you direct your focus as an undergraduate student. Most majors require set credit hours of coursework for completion, depending upon both the major itself and the university set benchmarks.
  • MINOR: Minor may be optional, and it requires fewer courses than your major and usually supplements a major. An interdisciplinary minor is also a good way to make you stand out during placements or when you are applying for higher studies or research projects.
  • OPEN ELECTIVES:Open electives are the mechanism which allows students to pursue what interests them apart from their main area of study. Open electives allows academic flexibility and lets you fulfill your passion. You can choose any course offered by the university, for example a third year civil engineering student can do a course of automobile engineering or even of hotel management.
  • SPECIALIZATIONS: The University offers specializations in your chosen course, where you can indulge in advance learning of the field by in depth study of emerging technologies, leading you to become an expert of chosen area. through semester abroad programs.

Experiential learning is essential for better understanding of the chosen field and it enhances the practical knowledge of the students to meet the industry requirements.

  • Students are allowed to undertake up to 5 projects in his/her chosen subjects, allied or interdisciplinary areas.
  • Students can apply themselves in 1 project and take it to the higher level through innovating or can take an alternative option to pursue 5 different projects.
  • Students undertaking internships and industrial internships are facilitated through credit transfer.

To save the students from commonly prevalent examination & evaluation related problems, Himalayan offers a mixed blend of external and continual internal evaluation as per internationally accepted scientific Relative Grading System Based on Transparent Unbiased Continuous Evaluation.

  • The system consist of continues evaluation through properly structured internal evaluation system.
  • All internal and final end semester answer sheets are shown to the students, the students see and sign the answer sheets for having agreed with the evaluation.
  • After that each element is regularly uploaded on the UIMS and student and their parents can see the marks and the time is provided for the rectification indicated by the student.
  • The question papers for the end semester examinations are set through an automated software-based system without manual intervention.. through semester abroad programs.
  • The evaluations of final end semester examination are done through table marking at the university. The question wise evaluation is done to maintain unbiased uniformity.

Student Feedback Mechanism

A strong feedback mechanism is in place to articulate the Himalayan Group Of Professional Institutions approach to obtaining frank views from students about their experience of learning, teaching and curriculum. The students can share their views and suggestions through the online website feedback, social media, student care centers and suggestion boxes strategically positioned in all the departments. Open houses are also held with C.Rs and also with all the students department wise to get the stduent feedback & views.

Edge With Nanodegrees

Training and certification for in-demand skills not only enhance your degree but allow you to have a valued credential reflected on your resume. A Nano degree, provided by Himalayan and partners allows you to earn certification, from basic skills to advanced technologies along with the regular degree.

Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) (Open for Engineering & Computer Application)

Himalayan Group Of Professional Institutions has tied up with FOSS, IIT Bombay which allows students undergo training in a range of upcoming technologies through online mode. With three courses in each semester this open source allows you to hone your skills in latest software such as PHP, MySQL, Java Business Application, BASH, Pearl, RUBY and many more. Students upon successful completion receive certification from Himalayan and IIT Bombay. Students have the benefit of combined learning via online classes, video tutorials and application of the same in theoretical aspects of regular degree. This particular collaboration allows you to have two certifications along with regular course and one self-application learning certificate. Layer based certifications starting from the first semester itself allow students to extend their skills from basic to advance level

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) (Open for all Streams)

From MIT to UCLA, top universities of the world are offering this excellent platform to gain additional knowledge in the next-gen technologies. In addition to traditional course materials such as video lectures, readings, and problem sets, MOOC provide interactive user forums to students and faculty. Himalayan Group Of Professional Institutions in collaboration with Microsoft Innovation Center in offering advanced courses in Algorithms, Computer Networks and Data Structures. Microsoft Research India has introduced MEC (short for “Massively Empowered Classrooms”), a research project designed to bring the highest quality classroom material to every undergraduate student in the university.